New Art at LC


Ellie Orr, Staff Writer

Recently, students may have noticed the new decoration lining the halls of our school. This exciting, inclusive piece was done by Chloe Peterson, a senior here at Lenoir City High School. 

Peterson explains the thought process behind the creation of this piece. 

“My inspiration was a 199 TWRA 50th anniversary poster done by Frank T. Gee. It was a poster I had always admired,” Peterson said.  

She also expresses her gratitude in the fact that she was able to do a piece this complicated and challenging. She prides herself on the fact that she was able to bring it justice. 

“The most difficult part was focusing on the hyper-realism itself and how high up it was, [but] I impressed myself with the effort I put into it. It was a beautiful portrait already so I did the best I could and I think it was worth it,” Peterson said. 

Peterson is not done with her journey in art yet. She explains that she is currently placing her time and effort into drawing animals. 

“Currently I am doing several animal and pet commissions as well as a large scale business mural for Roxie Doodle pet daycare here in Lenoir City,” Peterson said. 

She may have completed the mural, but she’s not stopping there! We can’t wait to see what else Peterson has to offer to the world of art!