Rumour Has It…


Hadley Kembel, Staff Writer

On Friday, November 19th, Adele released her new album 30. As a precursor to this, Adele released a one-night-only television special, featuring performances of three of the new songs from the album: “I Drink Wine,” “Love is a Game,” and “Hold On” on Monday, November 14th. This television special was originally performed on October 24–but not aired to the public until this week– took place at Griffith Observatory, a public observatory and planetarium in Los Angeles. Many well-known television and music stars were in attendance at this concert, such as Melissa McCarthy, Selena Gomez, and Lizzo. 

Many students who listened to Adele growing up stayed up late the night 30 was released, so they could put in their AirPods and listen to the album they’d been waiting for. Nancy Poisal (11) is one of these fans. She explains her feelings for this new album. 

“I love the new album, but I will admit that it’s not my favorite of hers. Still incredible though,” Poisal said. 

Being a huge fan of Adele, it was only natural that Nancy Poisal (11) watched the one-night-only special.

“[Adele’s] vocals were insane, as per usual. The crowd was full of a list of celebrities too, and watching the way that she danced to some of her sadder songs was so funny, like her little hand motions and stuff,” Poisal said. 

Although this new album might not be her favorite, some of Adele’s other albums are.


“My favorite album is 25, although 21 is a close second. My favorite song is tied between ‘Remedy,’ ‘River Lea,’ and ‘When We Were Young’,” Poisal said. 

Poisal has been an Adele fan for many years, listening to the singer’s music with her family members as a way to bond.

“I’ve loved her since her first album came out. I grew up listening to 19 with my mom, but I really got into her when her album 21 came out,” Poisal said. 

After all these years, Poisal is still a huge fan of Adele. Along with Poisal, the students of LCHS are eager to see where this album and one-night-only television special takes Adele in her musical career.