Thanksgiving Traditions

As the day of Thanksgiving approaches, many families are gathering together to celebrate and eat dinner. Some families prefer to have a simple and small dinner, while others prefer having something a little bigger. With these unique traditions we all share a special event with our loved ones. Here are some unique traditions from our LCHS students.

Tristan Rice (11) celebrates with his family the Thanksgiving tradition of running through Turkey Creek. This special tradition reunites his family to start off their Thanksgiving celebrations with a delightful morning jog.


“A lot of my family likes doing the turkey trot in Turkey Creek and we’ll run in the morning in the freezing cold,” Rice said.


In contrast, Aaliyah Coleman (11) and her family have a more traditional celebration. She describes her traditional Thanksgiving dinner with her loved ones similar to most family get-togethers.


“Me and my family get together on thanksgiving at my grandma’s house, a bunch of food is made and brought from others in the family we eat together and play games when everyone is finished eating” Coleman said.


Therefore, no matter the type of traditions your family has for this Thanksgiving season, as long as you are together with your family, that is all that matters. So, go celebrate with your family this season and maybe even try building new traditions of your own to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday!