Lunchroom Litter: Big Problem, Simple Solution


Landin Brock, Staff Writer

For most students, school isn’t exactly a thrill. Most don’t look forward to math or English classes, and most of the day seems to drag on. 

There is one period of the day, however, that has universal appeal: lunch. Practically everyone likes lunch. Lunch contains two of the common teen’s favorite things: food and socialization. Lunch is that special period of the day when one gets to hang out and chow down with their friends. It is an oasis in the vast desert of English, math, and other classes. 

Despite all of its finer qualities, lunch isn’t perfect. It has a glaring flaw. This flaw is easily visible after every lunch period, and it’s a sobering sight. Trash. Garbage. Leftovers. On the floors, on the tables, and anywhere else students have taken their meals, trash can be found. Despite the fact that there are plenty of trash cans throughout the cafeteria and commons, trash is still not thrown away. 

This is a growing problem at our school, and students recognize this. In a survey of 20 random students, 55% found lunchroom litter to be a worsening problem. In addition, 85% found lunchroom trash to be an issue that needs to be addressed. 

Student–Ibrahim Asik–is one of said students that feel as though the lunchroom of LCHS could use tending to, and has definitely seen better days.

“I’d say [lunchroom trash] is a pretty big issue because it forces the lunch staff to do more work than they already have to. It should be the students job to clean up the trash. It’s pretty simple,” Asik said.  

This careless, sloppy dining is a stain on our school’s image, and it’s time we do something about it. Before you leave to go to class, look around and under your table, and pick up any trash you see. In addition, make sure there is nothing left on the table. 

If every table employed this quick clean up strategy, then we would have a vastly cleaner cafeteria. So please, take a few extra minutes and do your part to stop litter. Not only will this improve our school appearance, but it will also save time for our hardworking staff.