Daylight Savings Time is Here!


Daylight Savings Time finally begins!

Days feel shorter and the sun sets faster, Daylight Savings Time is happening! With the change in time from November 7th we begin a new time for these upcoming holidays. So let’s view some of the benefits and origins on Daylights Saving Time.

How it all began

Now many understand that twice every year the time changes; however, not many know why. Well, Daylight Savings began in 1916 during World War I. The Germans first used this to help reduce power used for lighting and to save fuel for the war effort. Soon, many countries began using this time standard after World War I.

As told by Spectrum News 1, “During World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt re-established the idea of daylight savings time. It was called ‘War Time'”. Even with this being placed for three years, this law soon changed in September 1945, but once again it was re-established in 1987.

Benefits to Daylight Savings

Now that we fully understand how Daylight Saving Time was placed in the U.S, let’s look through some of the benefits to using Daylight Savings Time as told by personal experiences of others.

“I get to sleep one more hour on Sunday and it’s nice to wake up when it’s bright outside to school,” said Cassandra Huichapa.

Clearly having more time to sleep is a great benefit for the time change. Additionally many like the time change because of the sunrise coming sooner in the morning to do outdoor activities causing a safer enviroment for others.

“It’s bright outside and I wake up more during this time. I’m also able to work on outdoor activities like jogging during the morning because of the sunrise,” said Emma Dorsey.

The Importance of Daylight Savings Time

With multiple accounts of people liking Daylight Savings because of the daylight before awakening. It is evident how many like the change in time. Therefore, having Daylight Savings many not seem as an important event happening around the world, but it really impacts the daily life of many from having an extra hour of sleep to being able to do certain activities in the daylight.