Farewell to Final Exams!


Hadley Kembel, Staff Writer

For LCHS students, December usually consists of test after test–and another test. With unit tests, final exams, and End-of-Course exams (EOCs), students have a lot of exams to take within the few weeks before the semester ends.

Typically, students’ End-of-Course exams are held during the second-to-last week of the semester, and finals are held the last week. However, the end of the semester this year is going to look different. Mrs. Loan, assistant principal of LCHS, explains the changes being made.

The last week will look a bit different this semester because it will be reserved for our [EOCs] only,” Loan said. 

With having EOC exams the last week of school, the administration has made the decision to get rid of finals entirely for every class this semester.

“In the height of COVID for this semester, we lost 5 instructional days with students to work towards new content and materials… This slight change in our December schedule allows us to give those five days back to students and teachers,” Loan said.

There are still questions as to what students who do not have any EOC exams will do during this time. Administration still has to discuss this to find a definitive solution.

What we are sure of, however, is that students don’t have to take finals, allowing a less stressful end of the semester for many.