The Bee’s Knees


Dane Osborne holding a frame from one of the hives that produces honey for D&L Bees.

Bees, the epitome of our planet’s condition. Responsible for pollinating approximately 80% of Earth’s plants, bees are of the utmost importance for our survival. 

Many individuals have taken bee conservation into their own hands by becoming beekeepers. Lori and Dane Osborne–founders of D&L Bees–are one of thousands of individuals dedicated to conserving bees.

Megan Osborne (11), daughter of Lori and Dane, lives with approximately one million bees in her backyard throughout the summer months.

While the entire family is involved with the business, the idea originally came from Dane Osborne.

“My dad was very interested in keeping hives in our backyard for many years. Since then our hive counts have tripled,” Osborne said. 

Lori and Dane harvest the honey their bees produce, advertising their product mainly through social media.  This work is not for the faint of heart, as every interaction with the insect puts the handler at risk of being stung. 

Dane Osborne works the closest with the hives, according to Megan Osborne. When any group of animals gather by the hundreds of thousands, there will of course be moments of frustration. Bees have a reputation of beginning swarms when there is not enough room in their hives to suit their needs. 

“Beehives actually swarm more than you would believe. This is where bees get overpopulated in their hive and leave the colony,” Megan Osborne said. 

The Osbornes have been selling their honey to neighbors, friends, and family. Updates for the family’s honey production can be found on the business’s Instagram–deezbeezhoney.