Jose Gonzalez takes the lead!

Friday nights for Lenoir City High School football player Jose Gonzalez (11), means game time! Everyone is excited for football games at Lenoir City High. Lose or win, what matters is coming together as a team and school! 


Gonzalez was chosen as Defensive Player of the Week! Everyone was so excited for him. There were many stories on Snapchat and Instagram announcing everyone to go vote for him. It was even announced during school. Everyone was excited for Gonzalez and hoped Gonzalez would win. 


Gonzalez is well known in school and he has a very out-going personality. He is nice and sweet to everyone, he doesn’t even have to know you! 


Santos Saucedo (11), friend of Gonzalez describes his excitement that he was recognized.


“I feel proud for him,because that shows how much effort and work he has put into the season. I think he was chosen ,because when he goes to practice he works hard and when he gets out on the field, I feel like he shows it all out,” Saucedo said.


Saucedo is not the only person who is proud of Gonzalez. 


Oscar Sanchez (11) has been friends with Gonzalez for many years now so he describes “his accomplishments,also mine”.


“I am proud of my friend Leo,for being recognized and being able to be a part of the program he was put in and I’m very excited he got recognized, he plays football with a passion.I feel like he was chosen because he gets hard on the field and he puts in all the passion,sweat,blood,tears, he really goes in. He loves it!” Sanchez said.


The whole race was very tight. The scores were really close,everyone was very anxious for Jose ,but there was nothing to do but to wait for the results. 


“I feel good because I play for everybody, we play as a team and it feels good when we win a game because we all win together,” Gonzalez said.


Gonzalez plans to keep playing football and achieving more things little by little ,because it is what he likes to do and enjoys. 


“If I can because football is fun and I enjoy it,” Gonzalez said.


Although, Gonzalez didn’t win his friends and school are very proud of all his hard work!