Chalk Walk


Chloe Peterson (12) finds a creative outlook in her chalk art and she shows off her talents by participating in this event every year. Peterson first joined the chalk walk when she was in fifth grade. She has her grandmother to thank for introducing her to the world of chalk art! 

“When I was in fifth grade, my grandmother thought it would be fun to enter me into the Dogwood Arts Festival Chalk Walk in Downtown Knoxville. That was my first true introduction to chalk art,” Peterson said. 

After her first experience with a chalk walk, it drew Peterson in; she’s been competing in these competitions since then. 

“Since then I have been competing in multiple competitions across the state and continued to create art,” Peterson said. 

These competitions have given her the opportunity to experience new things and meet new people. Peterson says that she enjoys the atmosphere that the chalk walk brings. 

“I enjoy the crowd and the people as well as getting to meet other artist and the judges,” Peterson said. 

Although she is a well-rounded artist, Peterson has her first choices when it comes to drawing. 

“I prefer two mediums–I like acrylic paint and I like to work on small canvas style or large murals,” Peterson said. 

Her loyalty to these competitions is what inspires her to keep participating in these competitions. 

“I have been competing in the chalk walk since five years ago when it opened,” Peterson said. 

Her favorite part of these competitions is…everything! Peterson loves the whole experience that comes with the chalk walk. She loves to see her work as it becomes finalized and she enjoys watching it come together. 

“My favorite part of the chalk walk is really the entire day and watching the piece come to life and unfold as you’re working on it,” Peterson said. 

The chalk walk has helped Peterson grow as a person and have a lot of new experiences.