Love on Tour


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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 04: Harry Styles performs onstage during the tour opener for Love On Tour at MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 04, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Anthony Pham/via Getty Images)

Ruthie Davis, Staff Writer

Singer and songwriter, Harry Styles takes on the nation with Love on Tour to bring his performance to thousands of his fans.

The world knows Styles to be a vibrant, accepting, confident performer capable of creating an amazing atmosphere at his concerts. Many people do not get to experience this, luckily, McKenzie Powell (11) is one of the thousands attending a show. 

“The second Nashville show on October 1st,” said Powell. Powell is not seeing Styles alone though, “I’m going with my mom and best friend Kayla,” said Powell. Powell and her friend will be leaving early to be ready for the show.

After the pandemic, people are eager to finally get back into the groove of things. For Powell, this is getting to watch Styles perform.

“[I am] excited for this to be my first concert after Covid, and I’m just excited for the environment,” said Powell.  

We all have songs from our favorite singers that make us even more excited to listen to them. Powell has a few favorites of her own and is happily awaiting her tour date to see Styles perform them.

“I’m excited for him to perform Cherry and Woman,” said Powell.  

Nobody can go to a concert in normal, basic clothing, especially to see the one and only Harry Styles!

“I’m wearing this white blouse with cherries and black wide-leg pants,” said Powell.

Styles is known for his eccentric, extreme style, something fans look forward to when seeing him live. 

“[I hope] he wears another suit like he did at the Nashville night one show, but a different color,” Powell said. 

Time is ticking, meaning Powell will shortly see a worldwide superstar with thousands of other fans at Harry Styles’ Love on Tour.