Tennessee Celebrates 225th Anniversary


Landin Brock, Staff Writer

   On June 1st, 1796 Tennessee was officially admitted to the Union. This year, Tennessee is celebrating its 225th anniversary as a state, with the theme “Tennessee Untold”, which focuses on the untold stories that shape our heritage as a state. 


   To kick off the celebration, Governor Bill Lee has announced a year-long 95 county tour, and has encouraged Tennesseans to attend the various events and celebrations across the state.


   Events include a ceremony in Oak Ridge honoring the Clinton 12 (12 African-American students that were the first to desegregate a public high school in the South), a Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, and a 225th anniversary celebration in Washington County, which is Tennessee’s oldest county. 


  Featured on the official website for Tennessee’s 225th (tennessee225.com) anniversary are heritage stories from across our state.


  These stories include some of the most infamous events to take place in TN, such as the tie-breaking vote cast by state representative Harry T. Burn that allowed the ratification of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. 


   These stories also shine a light on some of Tennessee’s most famous residents, including Cordell Hull (United States Secretary of State 1933-1944), WC Handy (widely considered the “father” of the blues genre of music), and Charles H. Coolidge, a recipient of the medal of honor during WW2. 


   In addition to attending events, Tennesseans are also encouraged to share their own stories about places they live in TN. If you share a story, you can win a free limited-edition poster commemorating the 225th anniversary. 


   There is a poster for each of TN’s three grand divisions. Each poster features details that pay homage to the region it represents.  If you would like to participate in this opportunity, visit Tennessee225.com/posters. You can also pick up a poster at your local county chamber of commerce.


   Also featured on the website is information about various events across the state commemorating the anniversary. Join the celebration today!