‘Tis the Season For Crunchy Leaves


Renee Ritchie, Staff Writer

Summer is officially over, which brings us to the beginning of fall. Fall brings cooler temperatures, crunchy leaves, and festive activities. Students at Lenoir City High School are preparing for the season and the events that come with it. Madison Vines (11) has been waiting for fall because of Halloween.

“I’m excited for Halloween, I enjoy the traditions that come with it,” Vines said.

Each fall, people create, purchase, and wear Halloween costumes, one of many festivities the season brings. 

This holiday is not the only thing students look forward to though. Sarah Schuster (11) appreciates the way trees shed their leaves throughout this time of year.

“My favorite thing about fall is the crunchy leaves,” Schuster said.

Fall includes more than Halloween and fallen leaves — it also brings around a change in temperatures. The weather goes from being around 80° F down to the mid-60s.

“I like that it’s not super hot outside anymore,” Schuster said.

The heat is uncomfortable for some people, making the cool air is refreshing to them. While fall is appreciated for all of its changes and holidays, there are still things to miss about summer.

Now that summer has passed, it is more difficult to do certain activities. The weather and temperatures can prevent people from having fun outdoors.

Abby McCurry (11) is one of said individuals that enjoy summer activities. 

“I will miss being able to go on hikes and going to the lake during summer,” McCurry said.

The transition between seasons not only changes the weather, but also the way people feel about their days.

“I miss how relaxing and calm it felt over the summer,” Vines said. 

Although summer is missed by some, many are looking forward to the fall season. The change in weather and new opportunities cause students of Lenoir City High School to buzz with excitement.