New Town, New Game


A 4-hour bus ride to a different state and a new town to play football, crazy right?

After Covid affects the Lenoir city Panther football team leaving them to forfeit a game against Campbell County High School on Friday, September 10th, 2021.

Senior Avery Jameson was upset after having to miss a game due to the rising covid 19 numbers on the football team.

“It’s upsetting when you have to miss a game especially when it is your last year to play in high school. It also just hurts us as a team because we had to miss practice and everything.” Jameson said.

Due to the football team missing a game we were able to make a pickup game against another school. So the search for a team began until a school out of North Carolina agreed to make the trip to our school to play.

The school was Robbinsville high school, a small school in North Carolina. With a population of 377.

Senior Dakota Barnes was looking forward to seeing a team and a band from a different state.

“It is nice to see what other bands look like and sound like from different states and it is really nice to get to meet them and make new friends,” said Barnes

The game ultimately came to an end with a score of 35-19. With the panthers on the losing side.


Photo Taken By Sonja Cannon