Express with South Press


Southern towns are most known for hospitality, comfort foods, and country music. Knoxville, Tennessee, is no stranger to this notion.

While citizens of southern areas have been content with this way of life for generations, members of today’s youth do not consider this the American dream many make it out to be. 

Not only do they reject this lifestyle, many feel as though they do not belong and are not welcome within these traditions–specifically members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

South Press Coffee offers said individuals a place to be, not as the world wants them to be, but as they truly are. Located on Chapman Highway in Knoxville, the shop is known for its LBGTQ+ welcoming atmosphere. 

Salem Walker–a graduate of Lenoir City High School–frequents the location, thoroughly enjoying the open-minded individuals they have the opportunity to meet.  

‘You are greeted with pride flags and art, alongside welcoming smiles from Joslynn, the owner,” Walker said.

Unlike other coffee shops in the Eastern Tennessee area, South Press offers live music and specialty drinks that can not be found anywhere else.

“Apart from their very obvious queer inclusivity, they have very unique drinks like one of my favorites, Caramel Candy Corn Chai,” Walker said. 

South Press Coffee is one of the very few establishments LGBTQ+ individuals can be themselves without fear of rejection, a mission South Press intends to continue for years to come. 

Photo courtesy of south_press4coffee via Instagram.