New Year,New Teacher!

Michel Gonzalez

When students at Lenoir City Highschool came back for the 2021-2022 school year they were surprised with the many new changes that had happened over the summer. One of those changes had been the many different teacher changes. Specifically in the Criminal Justice class. The old teacher, Shane Tilley moved to another school. He had worked for Lenoir City for many years and most students were used to him. However, what was more surprising was his replacement. His new replacement was our old police officer here at school! Many students, however, have quickly adapted to the change and seem to love the class and their new teacher, Mr.Youkum.

Alex Gonzalez (10) believes he has learned many new things in that class and also seemed to adapt fast to the change and already admires Mr.Yokum

“I’ve learned about the amendments, my rights, and how the criminal justice system works, I admire that he is a fun teacher and makes his class fun without a lot of work. My favorite lab has been the traffic stop because we got in an actual police car and told them their rights and gave them a ticket.” Gonzalez said.

Adrian Chang (10) also admires Yokum and the way he teaches specifically because he has no struggle in that class.

“I admire Mr.Yokum because he shows more in a person than anybody else. There is no struggle in this class because he’s a great teacher. Chang says.

When asked why he chose to take the class he said, “Almost everyone in my family has been police so I wanted to see what it was like and I also want to leave an impact in the class.”

Owen Postel (10) has many different reasons for taking the class too and why he likes it so much. 

“Yokum is a very honest guy, a really good guy too but he is a great teacher,” Postel says.

When asked Posiel what had been something he has struggled within the class he hesitated for a while and finally said,

“I think I have never struggled with anything,” Postel said. Which is a lot about Yokum and the way he teaches. 

Having new faculty in Lenoir City HighSchool is always great and fun but what is even greater and fun is having faculty that makes learning fun and actually has an impact on students’ lives. Yokum has done all of those things in a very short time.