Wood, Nails, Hammers, and Sales!


Recently, students have noticed that Lenoir City High School is undergoing construction. These new renovations are going to have a positive impact on the school and will greatly improve many areas around campus! Chip Orr, the Supervisor of Support Services, explains what this construction is for and his feelings on the matter.  

“Currently, there are three projects going on at the high school: 1.  Expanding the cafeteria;  2.  Remodeling the commons area bathrooms;  3.  Addition of a cell tower that will be placed on the high school campus,” Orr said. 

These changes are for the benefit of LCHS’ student body, as they will provide more room, high-quality restrooms, and better service.

“The expansion of the cafeteria is being done to provide more space for students during lunch time.  We are also taking this opportunity to update the eating spaces as well.  When completed, it will look more like the dining area in a restaurant.  The remodeling of the Commons area bathrooms is being done in an effort to improve supervision in those bathrooms and to upgrade the handwashing stations that are available to students,” Orr said. 

The better service comes from the cell tower that will be built near the CTE building. It will greatly benefit students and allow them to stay in contact in case of emergencies.

“The cell tower project is being done through a partnership between Lenoir City (the local government, not the school board) and Vogue Towers.  The tower is being built in the area next to the CTE building where there are currently a couple of storage containers.  Because they are building the tower on campus, Lenoir City Schools will be paid a fee for every cell provider that buys space on the tower.  This will also allow the school system to place equipment on the tower that will improve our communication capabilities for emergency situations at no cost,” Orr said. 

Orr stated that he along with the other staff members are excited for the changes to the building, in hopes that this will improve the efficiency of LCHS. 

“Myself and other people that I have talked to are in favor of the changes.  They will improve the facilities at the high school both aesthetically and functionally,” Orr said.

He explains how the projects will have a positive impact on the school and how they will benefit everyone in the school. 

 “The two projects inside the building will improve the level of supervision in both the cafeteria and commons area.  It will also provide the students with a more modern place to sit and eat their breakfast and or lunch.  The cell tower project will benefit the school system financially and will improve the cell service in the community,” Orr said.  

These additions will improve the school and make it a more enjoyable environment for both students and teachers!