The Climb to Vice Principal


Serena Nguyen, Staff Writer

Lenoir City High School welcomes Vice Principal Christopher Britain! Coming from a middle school physical education coach, Britain has slowly made his way to becoming the vice principal of Lenoir City High School. Britain has worked at Lenoir City Schools for 14 years.

I taught middle school for 9 years and high school for 5 years. At the middle school, I taught social studies and PE. At the high school, I taught PE for 5 years,” Britain said.

Climbing his way up to being Vice Principal was no easy task, but he set his goal and kept working hard to accomplish it.

You set goals in life and in your career [to] continually work towards those goals. It’s a process.  I am grateful to be in the position I am in and enjoy serving our students in a new role,” Britain said.

Being promoted at a time like this is very difficult. All the regulations of the ongoing pandemic are very stressful, but Britain has the support of his family. 

“My VP role is very rewarding. With the Covid Pandemic continuing into the 2021-2022 school year, it has been a challenge and there is a sense of stress.  I am enjoying the new role and I am lucky to have a strong support system with my family and others in the school building,” Britain said.

Britain has worked through the Lenoir City Schools and has seen the students grow. From being a hands-on teacher to becoming the vice principal, he knows the ins and outs of the school and its students. Britain has our ongoing support.