New Business, Same Town


With Lenoir City expanding due to new businesses popping up, it’s always nice to see a familiar face have some ties to a new part of this small town.

Michel Gonzalez’s (11) family owns one of Lenoir City’s newest businesses: La Michoacana.

“La Michoacana is a small family business. It all started in Knoxville with a much smaller store, but as we saw it was getting very popular we decided to open a location about 4 times bigger than the first one,” Gonzalez said. 

La Michoacana’s Knoxville location was quite popular amongst Lenoir City residents as well.

“We decided to open another one [michoacana] in Lenoir City since a large number of clients were from around Lenoir City,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also pointed out that La Michoacana could bring more Hispanic culture to Lenoir City as well.

“There are many stores in Mexico that are also Michoacanas and run almost the same as us. My family wanted to bring our culture here to Tennessee. The name Michoacana comes from the Mexican state Michoacan which is where the first-ever Michoacana first opened. Michoacana translates to Michoacan citizen,” Gonzalez said.

Not only does Gonzalez’s family own this store, she also works there!

“I have been working there since the store opened, so since May. I was recently announced our kitchen, sales, and advertising manager,” Gonzalez said. 

The Lenoir City community has had quite the reaction to this new family business.

“The community’s reaction has definitely surprised us! We knew we were going to get support, but we have been overwhelmed with the support and love we have gotten since we opened, especially since most of the community here is white,” Gonzalez said. 

Gonzalez appreciates her job due to the connection to her culture.

“My favorite thing about working at the Michoacana is being able to spread a little of the great Mexican culture I am a part of. Many people in LC were not familiar with Mexican sweets and ice cream so for me to be able to show them is great,” Gonzalez said.

Not only does Michel Gonzalez appreciate the cultural impact of her job, she also loves working with her most favorite people.

“I also love how I work with most of my family members and also all my co-workers there have become my family! We have so much fun every day and it’s always something fun and different,” Gonzalez said. 

Whenever you get the chance please go check out La Michoacana on Broadway. The family-like atmosphere will immediately draw you in as well as the amazing homemade ice cream!