AV Class Makes LC Debut


Rebecca Herrera

“AV class practicing for the finalization of the announcements”

New year, New Class

Now that the new school year has arrived, LCHS has brought new classes as well! Welcome, our newest addition to elective courses known as our AV class! This new class focuses on creating announcements for all LCHS students to hear. Pertaining to this class, students are able to be included in different roles in order to film the finalization of the announcements.

Tyler Selvage, a student enrolled in this class, describes the different roles each student has, “We have a set of people who end up being on camera, but as far as who edits, that is on rotation. So, everyone gets to be involved,” said Selvage.

Gaining a Wider Audience

Alongside these various roles students can partake in, the AV class tries to obtain a wider audience by having a section for Spanish announcements as well. Isabella Rojas and Maria Chavez are known to be the announcers for this Spanish section.  

Isabella describes the process of how their section is developed, “First, they send [the announcements] to us, and then we start translating it for the Spanish version. Then, we just pass everything to the teleprompters and start practicing to do [the announcements] in front of the cameras.”

What’s it Like?

New changes in the school year elective class brings new opportunities for students to interact with each other when producing the announcements. With this being said, students in the AV Class describe their experience when creating the announcements with their classmates.

I really like it a lot we have a lot of fun while we’re making them because we laugh with everybody,” said Isabella Rojas.

Similarly, Tyler Selvage describes his perspective of the AV class, “It is fun, but I’d say we definitely have a lot of room to improve, and that will happen with time. I definitely know we can do better and it will get better,” said Selvage.

Both students express the joy they have from the new AV class. With each student thinking to stay in this class for the next semester, Selvage wonders if the AV class can become a yearly thing.

I am curious to see where this goes, like in journalism a lot of the same people end up coming back because they enjoy it and they have experience with it. So, I’m curious to see if the announcements and the production part of it will become a similar thing,” said Selvage.

In brief, the AV class has an abundance of ways for students to get involved with the school’s announcements, and the process of making the finalization of the announcements is always fun and amusing. So, please welcome our new AV class into the school and hopefully we can all enjoy watching their announcements that they worked vigorously on!