Let’s Dance the Night Away


Ruthie Davis, Staff Writer

At the start of the school year students wonder about the upcoming prom. For instance: where the location is, what food will be served, what the theme is, etc. The school’s prom sponsor Stephanie Zupko gave us a glimpse of this year’s prom. 

Prom can not go with having a theme, and each year we love to see something unique that adds to the special night. Zupoko said, “Prom themes usually come from wedding theme Pinterest ideas. Student suggestions are always welcome and encouraged! I would love to hear some ideas that we can either incorporate into this year’s. theme or use as a future theme! We also look at the venue and what is already there to help decide what theme would best fit the space.” 

This year’s location is “at Bridgewater Place in Knoxville, TN” Zupko said, “This year we are trying out a new location that is somewhat close to Lenoir City, but also in an area with a lot of restaurants available and close by.” 

At every prom, there has to be a fitting playlist filled with great music to vibe to. Many people wonder how the playlist is made for prom, or who picks the music. Well, Zupko lets us know how she does it, “I prefer to let the students pick! Last year, a senior asked students to let her know their favorite songs and submitted a playlist. I turned that in to the DJ, and we heard almost every song on their request list.”

What is a prom without great, appetizing foods that also fits the theme? At this year’s prom there will be “appetizers (finger foods) and some sweet treats,” said Zupko. Students will also have the option of a catering menu with selections of “fried chicken bites, mozzarella sticks with marinara, chips with different dip, and brownies” said Zupko. 

Students have months to look forward to this year’s prom and even give their inputs on prom ideas. The theme will be later announced when a decision is made. Please give your thoughts and ideas to Mrs. Zupko and the prom staff to make this upcoming prom the best yet!