Mrs. Ogle’s Big Step!


This year has brought many new changes, among them being the amount of new teachers who have come over. One of the school’s new staff members is Mrs. Ogle, who teaches 9th grade algebra. She made the switch from the middle school this year, and is excited to be here! 

Mrs. Ogle explains how although the transition from teaching middle school to teaching high school was hard, the people she works with have made it a lot easier. 

“The transition from the middle school to the high school has been pretty smooth for me.  Initially, I was super nervous about switching schools.  LCIMS has a wonderful staff and I loved working there, it was a difficult decision to make. I was the most nervous about not knowing the people; but, the math department has been so incredibly kind and welcoming. They have made it an easy transition and I am happy to be working with them,” said Ogle. 

Mrs. Ogle also explained how one of the challenges she had to face making the switch was figuring out the different parts of the school and where everything was. 

“I felt like a freshman the first couple days because I did not know where anything was located and I did not have answers to my student’s questions,” said Ogle. 

While she does have to make her way through these challenges, Ogle says that it is all worth it because she gets to see her former students. 

“I love the fact that I have taught about half of the students at LCHS. It is sweet to look down the hallway at class change and see my former students all grown up. When you teach 8th grade, you often never see your students again after they transition to the high school. I love getting to see kids turn into young adults,” said Ogle.       

Mrs. Ogle says that the most challenging part of leaving LCIMS was having to leave some of the teachers there. 

Change is never easy.  After working at LCIMS for five years, I was super close to some of the teachers there.  I miss seeing them every day, but I still stay in touch with several of them,” said Ogle. 

Despite this challenge, she still loves the fact that she can see her old students and watch as they grow into independent young adults! 

“Again, I love seeing all my former students. It was so fun the first week seeing kids say, ‘Mrs. Ogle!? What are you doing here!?’ I look forward to seeing them continue to grow and see where the future takes them,” said Ogle. 

Overall, Mrs. Ogle loves the opportunity that moving to the high school has given her, and she enjoys being able to see some of her old students along the way. She is excited to see where this journey takes her!