New Year, New Principal


The final bell rings. Footsteps echo on the linoleum-lined halls. Students chatter with one another. Today is the first day of school, both for students and new principal, Mrs. Hoglund. 

Over the summer, the decision was made to move Mr. Orr–Lenoir City’s previous high school principal–to a position at central office. This opened the spot for Mrs. Hoglund to take over and begin her journey in leading a high school. 

“It was kind of presented to me and asked if I wanted to come over, and so, yeah it’s a great challenge,” said Hoglund. 

She was the principal of Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle School before making the switch to high school, even having taught there for years before taking on the responsibility of administrator. Of course, she created bonds with her colleagues at LCIMS, making the switch all the more peculiar.

“The high school has a fabulous faculty and staff, but you know when you work with faculty and staff for so long you kind of create those relationships,” said Hoglund.

Among the many differences that separate middle school from high school, Mrs. Hoglund regards the students to be the main component of this. She acknowledges that unity amongst students is of utmost importance, something she claims to be a notable difference between the two schools. 

“From what I can see, again, there’s different niches, so I feel like more so at the high school every kid has a place to be,” said Hoglund. 

Although aware of the many challenges and differences she will come across, Mrs. Hoglund is nothing but ready to tackle her journey as the high school’s newest addition.