Bittersweet Goodbyes

The class of 2021…time was not real for us. Our junior year was cut short; what started as an extended vacation turned into a long period away from friends, family, and school. The first thing I learned during my quarantine was to appreciate the time we have with others. Once it became real, I did just that my senior year. We started together, and we will finish together, but unfortunately we were separated for our own safety most of the year.

Being on a hybrid schedule was a difficult adjustment for all, but it really taught me how to work as a team and manage my time in classes, especially journalism. Building the normal family bond was something we strived for and achieved very well in my opinion. I could not have been more proud of journalism for really putting in the extra effort to make this year successful. My goal was to be as helpful and understanding as possible during this time, and while it caused me to take on many projects, I am thankful to have been a part of something amazing.

As we are closing this chapter of my life, I take a glance back into all I have accomplished; I am in complete awe. We were able to complete an entire yearbook, meet deadlines, finish the supplement for the yearbook, and create a beautiful literary magazine. It was not possible without all of the staff and Mrs.Wallace working tirelessly from home, quarantine, and on campus.


I will miss my second home while I am in college, but this is emotional so I will leave it at that. I will be back guys!

 Love, Kenzie 🙂