No More Hyrbid!

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close a lot of things are changing at Lenoir City High School within the next week and a half.

Students will finally be returning to school without a hybrid schedule!

This year students have been on a hybrid schedule essentially most of the year due to Covid-19. This has caused a strain on faculty and students alike. 

With students coming back to school full-time there will be plenty more opportunities available to everyone. Learning will be easier and more accessible, classmates will be able to interact, and teachers can develop better relationships within their classrooms.

While these are all positives, this also poses a threat to students; specifically seniors. Seniors will now be faced with a heightened risk of quarantine dangerously close to graduation. Administrators have decided that seniors should have the option to go to school virtually their last week.

9th-11th grades will have to be in attendance in-person during this time.

This is a very busy time of year in general, so with added attendance, this might be very stressful for students and teachers. 

All in all, students will be able to have a somewhat “normal” end-of-school experience. For some, this is their first experience of the end of their high school year.