NHS Induction Ceremony

NHS Induction Ceremony

Hadley Kembel, staff writer

Every year, the National Honors Society inducts new members towards the end of the school year. Being inducted into the National Honors Society is an honor; you have to get various teacher recommendations, write an essay, and have all A’s and B’s in your classes. Soon, on May 13th, the NHS will induct its newest members. Brooke Ion (10), along with a few of her peers, is being inducted in May. Ion explains how the NHS induction ceremony will be held. 

“We walk across the stage, get a candle and a stole, then blow out our candles at the end of the event,” Ion says.

This event– though it won’t take too long– will be a new experience for all of the inductees. In April, the inductees practiced the ceremony briefly during an NHS meeting. The new members practiced walking across the auditorium’s stage and were walked through the steps for the ceremony. Not only do inductees have to show up to the event, but they also have to show up dressed nicely and prepared. Ion explains what preparation she has done for the event. 

I went shopping for a dress, and got all of my papers together for Mrs. King,” Ion says. In short, the NHS ceremony is exciting for new inductees and a cool experience for everyone involved. Something about getting to blow out a candle to join the NHS is so significant. Hopefully, though, nobody blows out their candle too early!