Prom Fashion

Prom 2021, some people thought it would never happen, but nevertheless, it has arrived full and booming. The talk and fashion of the prom have been very pertinent this year, after all these past few years have been full of lows and now students finally have something to celebrate over. 

This year’s trends will consist of popular colors such as Sage, pastel yellow, bubblegum pink, magenta, and tangerine. Maybe even with the popularity of brown rising, perhaps some brown dresses as well.

Moving onto the styles of dresses we will see there is growing popularity in two-piece midis, A-line, ballgown, and slip dresses. All of these styles look great and I’m excited to see the outfits everyone wears this year.

Our prom’s theme this year is farm/cottage core so we may see a lot of softer pastel colors and flowy dresses, also this year with the pandemic we will see mask fashion, or masks matching their dresses. Some stores even sell dresses that come with a matching mask.