The Easy Guide for Spring Fun


“I always love the spring season and can’t wait to see all of the flowers blooming and the animals roaming,” an anonymous freshman said.


The temperature is rising, the flowers are blooming, trees are covered in white buds, and the small of Spring is in the air! With the upcoming season and Summer shooting up after it, more people want to go outside and have some fun. With Covid, figuring out what to do can be hard, but this list of fun and safe activities can hopefully lighten up the season!



If you don’t want to hang out outside too much or if it’s raining, there are many great activities that are just as fun!

  • If you’re with someone or a couple people, look through your old games and try to find something that everyone would like! Board games like Monopoly or a card game with either a standard deck of cards or a set like uno are always fun to play.
  • Another option that doesn’t require masks in a closed setting would be online games. This past year millions of producers have created online games through websites to limit contact. Some of the fun ones are Gartic Phone, Jackbox.TV, and drawing games.
  • Another fun thing can be making a fancy homemade meal or dessert. Search through pinterest and find recipes and inspiration. Decorating a cake with one or two people can be really fun!
  • Picnic!! Picnics can be done in the comfort of you home or out and about. For safety, doing this outdoors with a larger distance between the people while eating is ideal. This can also be a fun meal with your family.
  • Virtual movie nights are great too! Netflix Party and Discord are both good places to stream and share a show.



Outdoor fun during Spring is perfect not only for safety but for seeing more flowers, more trees, and sun.

  • One thing to do could be a drive with a friend, family member, or by yourself. Drive to a nearby park, get yourself your favorite drink and talk or listen to music. While this isn’t very exciting sometimes, from personal experience I’ve found it really fun and have enjoyed talking to people and jamming out.
  • Another option is outdoor sports/games like badminton, tennis, and volleyball! Many parks have volleyball courts that can be used for badminton as well.
  • Bikes rides around town is a great way to get out and see more of your city! If you don’t have a bike of your own you can always rent a bike or borrow from a friend.
  • Hikes or walks are always a good, classic option. Most of the time there are so many beautiful trails or walkways that people don’t know about.


Obviously because of Covid we should continue to help others by wearing our masks when around other people and social distance! But small groups doing events online or in person can still be done safely and with a lot of fun too!