Teacher’s Getting Covid Vaccines

Sara Jane Weber

Lebanon County to open mass vaccination clinic on Wednesday | ABC27

Many of the teachers at Lenoir City High School have gotten their first round of the covid vaccine and are anticipating their second one soon. They all have had different experiences with the shot, whether they’ve had covid or not.

Mrs. Crabtree said, “It was very fast, we went through a drive through, opened the door and got the shot”.

Some had some serious -short term- side effects, while others had little to none. 

Mrs Crabtree said “I got a 100.6 fever afterwards and my body ached for just the day after, then I was fine,” while in contrast, “As a very anxious person I had braced myself for being sick, so it really wasn’t as bad as expected,” says Ms. Mullinax.

While the many people that have already taken it have had no side effects, they’re not sure what to anticipate about the second shot.

Mrs. Wallace said, “I am worried I will get side effects from the second shot since I didn’t get any the first time”.

We’re all ready for covid to be done and over with, and this hopes to be done through the deliveries of covid-19 vaccines. Glad to see our teachers keeping us safe!