Credit Advancement and Summer School Opportunities

This year has caused more developments in online school and classes. For many students, they want to use these online resources to advance their education. There are many classes that students can take this year and over the summer. 

“You can find the credit advancement course list on the iLearn Website at under the Credit Advancement Tab.  Same goes for summer school, just look under the summer school tab tomorrow,” Dr. Smallen said. 

Summer school requires a lot. It requires working over your summer break. 

“Summer School starts on May 24th and all assignments must be completed by July 31st.  It’s a wonderful way to get ahead and provide flexibility in a student’s schedule allowing them to take face to face courses they are interested in or additional dual enrollment courses which help them get a jump on college,” Smallen said.

While summer school and credit advancement classes can be difficult, it can be very good if you want to graduate early or take more extra-curricular classes. 

“Best advice I can give a student is stay on track with the course pacing.  When a student does not complete an assignment on time things start to snowball on them and they get further and further behind making it impossible to catch up by the end of the course.  Taking notes as you work through the different course modules will also help you when it comes to tests and quizzes.  Students should be able to devote about an hour and a half per day for each virtual course they register for with the exception of summer school where the time frame for completion is much shorter than a typical semester,” Smallen said.  

Even though taking these classes require a lot of work, it can really help students. 

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