Springtime Sunshine

Lily Brannan, Staff writer

Spring break is finally here and there are lots of fun things to do right here in the east Tennessee area. Even though Covid has shut some things down, there are still plenty of things to keep you busy and having fun.


One thing you should be sure to check out is Pigeon Forge. From amusement parks and go kart rides to fancy, relaxing restaurants. There are many things to do that are family friendly and fun for everyone.


“I plan on going to a cabin in Pigeon Forge. I think it will be a very fun experience to go with my friends and family.” said SaraJane Weber.


Another interesting thing you can do is go to the Knoxville Zoo. You get to see all kinds of exotic animals and learn new things about them. The weather feels pretty great so it would be a relaxing outdoor experience you, your family, and your friends can enjoy. 


“The zoo has a new baby giraffe and are currently having a contest on what they are going to name it. I am very excited to go see it over this break.” said Mrs. Wallace.


Lastly, you can never go wrong with skating. Whether it’s roller skating or ice skating, it’s always a blast. You can listen to some fun music while you skate around having a good time with your friends and family. 


“I have been going to roller skate for the past two months, and I find it very entertaining and it also helps relieve stress.” said Isabella Rojas.


Although many people have been struggling with finding something to do, there are many enjoyable activities to do over this break. So, if you ever get bored and need something to do, be sure to try something new like one of these amusing places.