Play Ball! For Real This Time

Covid has sent us through some crazy times, but this year the baseball team has scored a homerun before their season has even started. Unlike last year, the baseball team has thankfully been given a season. 

 “I am very grateful and excited to be able to play this year,”  Adam Lowe (9) said.

However, this year’s season might look a little different with covid restrictions. We still aren’t sure exactly what all the setbacks will be, but the team is very appreciative to be able to play and learn in these weird times. As far as the team’s expectations this year, most players think this season will be the same if not better.

“I have higher expectations for our team this year because we have a new coach who pushes us harder and we shouldn’t let covid set us back”  Carson Wilson (12) said.

The team will have to push through the struggles of covid and learn how to adapt to the new restrictions. But living and learning from these new experiences has made them better as a team and helped them to adapt to changes quickly. Many of the players believe that this experience will make them stronger and that they will still play with the passion they always have. 

This season will be one like none before, but there is no doubt that the team will play their hardest and make this covid filled season the best they can. “Even though we have been away from the game for a while, I still think I can play to my best like I always did,” Drew Henry (9) said. With all the challenges these student athletes have overcome, it is almost certain that they will come out better than ever.