2021 School Struggle

  That’s a Wrap We are almost done with the 2020 through 2021 school year. This year has brought so many battles. Whatever it may be losing loved ones to Covid-19, not seeing friends and family due to scares of the virus, your mental health taking the consequences, students have also struggled to keep grades up, and to keep our motivation to work hard and try our best when it feels as if we are getting nowhere. One of the students here at Lenoir City High School, Jasmine Zamudio(9) explains their struggle this year.

Jasmine shared that they had lost their motivation.” The hardest thing was probably going to school again after having such a long break from it(school). It was hard to get motivated to work again and all the assignments piling up was really stressful for me.”

With it all, the hybrid schedules, the isolation, the loneliness, the same routine every single day with no change or excitement, it has been so hard for so many people. All we can do is hope for a better tomorrow, and take on the next school year.