Juniors Tackle The ACT

Each year at Lenoir City High School a group of Seniors and Juniors take the ACT. Although even a murmur of the test can send chills down any scholar’s spine, with enough prep work and studying a high score is achievable. The Juniors take their test on March 2nd. Here are just a few things that students are doing to tackle this test. 


How Students Are Preparing

The school has provided ACT courses that go over each subject individually through the online program Engenuity, as well as providing books in the Library that can be checked out. Many students are also taking online tests. Taylor Guabats (11th) tells us a little bit about how she’s getting ready to face the test, “I am preparing by doing the practice test online to get a feel for the questions and how much time I can spend on each question.” Pacing yourself is important because the test will go by quickly and people often don’t realize how long they’ve been on the same problem until it’s too late. If you can’t figure it out right away, skip it, and come back if you’ve got time. Many students have ACT prep books and guides that they are using to prepare but the book isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s just “…getting good rest, having a good breakfast, and eating chocolate in between tests,” that can lead you to success. At least that’s what Alex DeRose tells us. 

What Experienced Students Have to Say…

About fifty percent of the students interviewed said they have taken the ACT at least once and twenty percent said they have taken it more than once. This leaves fifty percent of students who are preparing without ACT experience. This is how experienced ACTers are preparing, “I have an ACT book that I just briefly looked through but other than that I don’t study. I feel like when I study I put too much pressure on myself. So I just try to stay caught up in school so I know all that I can,” states Suzanna Jay (11). Another quote from Jamie Hash, “…throughout this week I’ve taken an hour each day to study my ACT prep materials. My sophomore year, my dad bought me this ginormous ACT prep textbook, that has sample questions, texts, etc. The school has also provided some courses online, but I’m more of a textbook and go type person.” And a final quote from Braden Pickell, “I have been doing an ACT preparatory course online that has helped me greatly since my last test, as well as the edgenuity program that the school provides.”


Tips To Keep in Mind

Many students have concerns about the ACT, especially after taking it for the first time. Some helpful tips to help you stay on track. 

  • Review information you might remember well. 
  • Keep an eye on the clock so you stay on time. 
  • If you get stuck, move on to the next question. 
  • Always bubble in unanswered questions. Try to stick to the same letter. 
  • Read the questions first before reading the passages, keep in mind what details you might specifically be looking for. 
  • Don’t be too nervous, you’ll never know unless you try. 
  • Get good rest and a good breakfast.