The Night of Nights

There has recently been a lot of question about 2021 prom. Here is all you need to know about the very deserved event.

There has now been a confirmed date for prom. It will be held on April twenty fourth from seven to eleven at night. The location was an important factor into how prom can be both fun and safe.  It will be held at Maple Gate Farm in Friendsville.

The venue requested that there were no more than four hundred people allowed to attend.

Principle Orr explains, “The venue has both an inside and outside area. So Hopefully people will be able to spread out.” If everyone can spread out then masks can be taken off if there is a 6 foot distance. But officially Principle Orr states,“At this Point yes, everyone will have to wear a mask.”

The subject of food and refreshments has also been thought of and planned. There will pre-packed snacks to keep the food safe, but compared to previous years there will be a considerable less amount of food. So you might want to plan to eat before the event.

There has been a lot of thought and planning into prometheus year, so the student can have a fun memorable night.