Texas’ Brutal Winter Storm

Gabe Lane, Staff Writer

The Winter Storm, in Photos: How Texans Are Surviving the Historic Freeze – Texas MonthlyFor the first time in 30 years places like San Antonio and Dallas, Texas have hit single digit temperatures and have had snowfall.

 A state that doesn’t often have to deal with severe winter weather. Had to have the combination forced utilities to impose “controlled outages,” to stop customers from outstripping supplies.

 There is an important reason for these blackouts.

Due to a record demand for power to heat homes and keep warm — unusual in the winter for Texas, which typically sees higher demand in summer due to air conditioning. With a loss of power generation from plants that weren’t equipped to deal with the extreme cold.

Causing millions to lose their power, forcing families to huddle over a fireplace, scavenge for firewood or spend nights in their car trying to stay warm. While Others spend hours searching for food as supplies are running low due to the weather conditions The frigid temperatures caused pipes to burst, causing a need for clean water.

At least 26 people have died across the state since February 11. Due to the complications caused by the winter storm.

Many Texans have only just begun recovering from the brutal winter storms over the past seven days. But still need clean water and some are still without power.

But things are look up as in the following weeks the temperatures are intended to rise back up.