Snow Delays– Yes or No?

On Monday, February 1st, school went online for all students at LCHS because of the snow. Despite all of our hopes to be out of school Tuesday, too, unfortunately, we still had to show up. However, we got to arrive at 10:15 instead of 8:15 because school was delayed two hours so that the snow could clear up. Elleree Chapman (9) explains her thoughts on snow delays. 

“I would honestly rather have a school day than a snow delay,” Chapman says, “because I feel like when we have snow delays half of the day gets wasted away.”

The point to snow delays is so that people can stay off of the roads until the snow has cleared up some, but students hardly ever think of that. Students are a lot more focused on the extra sleep they can get. 

I think a lot of students dislike snow delays. Whether it’s the different lunch schedule or the rushed class-time, a lot of students would prefer a full school day to a delayed one. Chapman explains why she finds snow delays to be difficult for her. 

“I do not benefit from snow delays. I feel like the teacher’s schedules get mixed up and the lessons get tossed around, and it’s a lot harder to learn with limited time and causes a lot of confusion on students,” Chapman says. 

Of course, there are tons of students who love snow delays, and there are many great things about them. Considering we can get an extra two hours of sleep and less time in class, it’s evident that a lot of students are going to enjoy snow delays. All of those factors make snow delays a little bit fun for everyone. Compared to the organized day we could have had before the delay, though, it’s also likely that some students wouldn’t really like snow delays at all.