Black and Orange Schedule


As Lenoir City Schools have gone through trial and error with scheduling and trying to fight off this pandemic students have been stressing. The first few days of the school year we had a normal day-to-day schedule then cases in our school and city started to rise so we went on a hybrid A-B schedule.

The first A-B hybrid schedule that we tested out helped the cases tremendously drop, but so did the student’s grades.  So we went back to the original schedule.

Then the cases started rising, more and more students/teachers started getting quarantined, and there weren’t enough substitutes so that didn’t work out either. Then we started the current schedule. We are on the “Orange and Black Schedule”, which is a little different from the “A/B schedule”.

The students who need to be here at all times so that they can have the best environment for learning can be here all five days. I know that many of the other students don’t particularly like the new hybrid schedule because it can be very confusing and for some, be harder to learn.

Surprisingly I like the new hybrid schedule. I feel like it is effective in slowing the spread if Covid-19, and It gives students a break from the school environment and for many students a couple more hours of sleep. At times it is hard keeping up with the school work and making sure that you keep your grades up, and especially communicating with your teachers. Thankfully one day Covid-19 will all be over and we can get back to a normal kind of life.