Behind the Scenes of Coronavirus

Behind the Scenes of Coronavirus

Jennifer Hernandez, Staff Writer

It got the best out of all of us. We never saw it coming and that’s when we were living our normal lives. At first the people weren’t worried about it, they just thought it was like a cold or something nothing too big. Just out of nowhere slowly the number started to go up and they just kept increasing. The moment they realized it was something worse than the cold was when each state was put on quarantine. The food supplies were running out from each store when you went for your daily grocery store shopping. All you would find were the selfs just empty like Walmart, Target, dollar stores etc.. 

This disease, virus was here before most of the people started calling it covid-19. They started receiving cases around the last days of December of 2019. The day they declared that it was a global health emergency was near the last days of January of 2020. The first official state that got hit hard and lost quite a bit of people was New York. Just in a month thousands of people had died because of this virus. Three or four months had passed and more than half of the states were hundreds of deaths.People were wondering when they were going to make a vaccine for this virus. There were so many rumors people didn’t know what to think.

 People would say they will have a vaccine in 2-3 years and other people were saying 1-2 years and they just kept going on and on about predictions on when this vaccine would be here. Later found out that they were doing the first phrasing in mid march of 2020. A few months later in December they got a vaccine and they wanted old people from age 65 and over to receive it first and then adults. Now we are already in 2021 and coronavirus is still here but also the vaccine is here a few people have taken it. 

Other people are scared to take it and some people rather take it to be safe and protect themselves and loved ones. But slowly this virus will be defeated and it will stay in the past and people can finally go outside without wearing a mask and begin being able to breathe. To go to stores calmly without beginning to be kicked out even though they are just trying to keep everyone safe. Soon we will just go back to our normal lives that we hadn’t had in a long time.