Netflix Review – Virgin River

This new Netflix series is a romantic drama that follows a woman named Melinda or “Mel” when she starts her new life in a remote area called, yes you guessed it, “Virgin River”. She is a nurse practitioner, and moves here to work for a well known doctor who resides in the quiet town. Doctor “Mr. Mullins” does not think that Mel is a good fit for his practice and is not fond of her at first, Mel wants to do her job that she moved to Virgin River to do but Dr. Mullins does not have confidence in her abilities.

With Mel trying to make her way through the new town she eventually gains Dr. Mullins trust when a situation comes up that a woman in the town tried to secretly give away her baby, Mel comes up with the best solution and ultimately Dr. Mullins recognizes this. 

Aside from the job she is trying to pursue, Mel has moved into a quaint cabin that was supposed to be small but charming but it ends up being barely livable. 

The town love interest Jack fixes up her cabin and helps her create the house she actually had in mind to live in. The main reason Hope wanted Jack to fix Mel’s cabin is due to Hope wanting Mel to stay in town and her feeling poorly about the way her husband treated Mel. 

Throughout the story it follows Mel with her ups and downs in the town, as well as the relationships she is forming with the people of Virgin River. The popular opinion is that most people are glad that she lives in town, and that they are happy she will be the new nurse of the town. Overall I love the small town feel this series has while it also combines drama and suspense in with the cozy, feel- good moments