Oh Froyo No No!

Gabe Lane, Staff Writer

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Lenoir City’s favorite frozen yogurt shop, Di’lishi, has made the recent decision to close their doors until spring. It’s hard to sell frozen yogurt in the winter as it is but you throw a global pandemic on top of that and there is no one buying yogurt. Declining sales contribute as a big factor for delishi closing their doors.

Employee Katy Roel, 11, was disappointed with the recent decision, mainly because she had just began working there.

“I was disappointed because I had just started working there, and I really liked it. I just hoped that we would have been able to hold on and make it through the sales drought,” Roel said.

Although it was a tough problem to deal with, Roel is excited to get back.

“I’m excited to get back into a rhythm at work. It is a pretty fun place to work and I miss that,” Roel said.

Another employee, Anna Layer, 11, was saddened by the news, but is looking forward to more freetime.

“Part of me is sad because I can’t earn a paycheck for a few months, but this also opens up other opportunities to do with my freetime. So far I’ve been able to do my school earlier and I’ve been going on walks and such which is nice,” Layer said.

When asked what she is excited about after it reopens, Layer said that she’ll “be excited for doing those small, everyday tasks. When you’re away from something for a while, getting back into the rhythm is sometimes satisfying because you miss it.”

Despite the sudden closure, I’m sure that we are all waiting for the day that we can have our Di’lishi frozen yogurt again.