Students Make Art on the Sidewalk

Renee Ritchie

Several weeks ago, students in Mrs. Tyler’s Drawing and Painting class participated in a chalk walk. They spent the class out on the sidewalk around the building to enjoy the activity. The classmates claimed their squares, took a day to prepare, and soon began the chalking process. The experience was new and exciting; it was many students’ first time joining in on the activity. They had to learn new techniques to draw with chalk.

“It was really interesting to be able to play around with different techniques. I enjoyed it!” Chloe Bauer (10) said.

Students had to decide what they wanted to draw. Marissa LeQuire (10) made a few initial sketches before starting with the chalk. She then chose what she would draw from those sketches.

When I decided what I was going to draw, it was just based off of which of my sketches I liked the best from my sketchbook,” LeQuire said.

For LeQuire, drawing with chalk didn’t come naturally. It was her first time taking part in a chalk walk, so there were some setbacks. Her first method of spreading the color didn’t work out, so she had to improvise.

“My chalk process was a trial and error kind of thing. When the brush I was using was making the color go away, I just decided it was best to use my hands, and then it turned out mostly how I wanted it to be,” LeQuire says.

Perla Avalos (10) won the chalk walk with her butterfly art. She was happy to win the contest.

“I was pretty excited,” Avalos said.

Avalos didn’t create a process to create her artwork; she simply started chalking. All she needed to do to ensure her success was work hard.

“It was not really a process, I just came out and did my best,” Avalos said.

Although Avalos won, she wasn’t the only one that made great art. Mrs. Tyler’s classes tried their best and produced many amazing pieces.