I’m Stuffed

Katelyn Kilgore

As we pick our favorite pumpkin, watch our favorite football team, and see the leaves change from their vibrant green, to their spicy red and burnt orange; we know Thanksgiving is on its way! Thanksgiving is a day celebrated in the United States and Canada to celebrate the harvest and the blessings of the year.

In most families in the United States, Thanksgiving is usually a time to gather the whole family to celebrate with a meal. Thanksgiving is Beth Young’s second favorite holiday. She loves Thanksgiving because she loves to spend a day with her whole family and eat a good meal.

Beth Young’s family has always had a feast for their Thanksgiving meal. Young names all their traditional favorite Thanksgiving foods. 

“We always eat turkey, dressing, green beans, gravy, cranberry sauce, greens, slaw, potatoes, potato salad, carrots, turnips, sweet potato casserole, ham, and cornbread,” Young said. 

There are many Thanksgiving food traditions, but Young has her favorites. “Desserts have always been my favorite: homemade coconut cake, fruit cake, pies of all kinds, and pound cake,” said Beth Young.

Times have changed since Young was a little girl, but she still tries to follow her family’s traditions, even though they have been altered throughout the years. Young describes some of the traditions that were removed.

“When I was younger, men would always eat before the women and children,” Young stated.

“Some of my family members would also go rabbit hunting on Thanksgiving morning, because Thanksgiving Day was the opening season,” Young said. 

Although some of Young’s family traditions have changed, she still loves to gather with her family to celebrate harvest and the blessings of the year.