Birthday Bashes During Quarantine

Two big birthdays that most teens think of is when you turn 16 and 18. Most have plans to do a big bash or a party of a sort, what did people do when they couldn’t get together due to the pandemic. Nicole Miraflores (11) turned 16 in June and she had big plans to celebrate. 


“My original plan was to have a little party with my family. and then go out with friends and go on a shopping spree,” Miraflores said.


 Miraflores had big plans for her 16th birthday, but they were soon canceled once Covid-19 cases started to skyrocket and regulations were set. Miraflores rescheduled her plans for when the regulations have calmed down, and we are able to be in groups of people safely. 


“I was disappointed at first because I was really excited, but I soon got over it because I knew it was for the safety of everyone,” Miraflores said. 


While Miraflores had big plans, many had time to think of what they wanted to do for their birthdays because it had been so long since quarantine started. Autumn Pippin (12) turned 18 in October, and didn’t have many big plans because she knew quarantine wouldn’t be over. 


“[My only plan] was to get my tattoo that I got. The only thing was I couldn’t bring a friend or a parent with me,” Pippin said. 


Many people look forward to the birthdays they get to celebrate during high school. Some have big plans, and some have smaller ideas for their big day. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March, and mask and safety regulations followed suit many people had to rethink any plans they had because they did not follow regulations. This put a stump in many people’s plans, and they had to reschedule or skim the party or the get together down.