Bump, Set, Sike!! Covid won’t stop us

SaraJane Weber, Staff Writer

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This year’s season has been seen at a very different standpoint as a senior than the prior years with the large amount of underclassmen, but some don’t look at it that way. The amount of seniors can be homey because they each have gotten to know each other throughout the years and have been able to bond.

Senior Sydney Cook said, “This season was very different from others because I was a senior with the best captains I could have had. Olivia and Bri, well, we have always been there for each other, so all being captains was very special to us. We tried to make every practice fun and enjoyable!” 

The volleyball team has been able to be cautious for covid while still having fun with their season. Many of the players claim that having to be more cautious hasn’t really affected their season as much as they thought. Volleyball is trying their best to ensure their team’s safety, but that hasn’t stopped them from bonding with each other.

Ninth grader Madison Smith said, “We’re definitely staying a bit further apart, our game chairs are spread out, and we are waving instead of shaking hands at the end of games so that we can keep up with the sportsmanship while still staying spread out” 

Many people love their sport for different reasons. They each get to experience being a part of a team, competitiveness, and athleticism.

“My favorite part of volleyball is definitely the teammates and it definitely feels like a team sport when we’re all together and we can be loose and have fun together while still learning and growing with each other” said Madison Smith.

The expectations for being a freshman can be overwhelming to many players, but this season is a little bit different.

Madison said, “Well since our group is mainly consisted of freshman, the expectations aren’t too harsh with it but each player has their expectations for themselves to catch up with the seniors” 

Switching from middle school ball to high school is a big transition. Players go from being the big dogs to ‘fresh meat’ faster than their virtual graduation lasted.

Smith said, “It’s definitely more competitive and the teams we go against will have harder hits and better passes, so you have to learn to be able to keep your head up high” 

This year’s season started off with a bang, beating Loudon at home. We kept this energy our best through the rest of the season, and had a ton of fun doing it.