HOMEcoming! Literally Most Of Us Were Home


No dance? No pep rally? How are we supposed to make Homecoming exciting without all the activities that lead up to the big game? We can’t have any dances for pep rallies due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We are still able to have Spirit Week where students can dress in their class colors, and participate for points to win a prize. The themes were class colors, character day, and orange and black day. We usually have our pep rallies that get the classes hyped up and ready for the game on Friday night. Angelina Weston (12) had a hard time adjusting to the new rules in place. 

“It feels different not having everyone in one place at one time. During Spirit Week, we always check in, but this year it’s not as chaotic,” Weston said. 

The check in always happens in between 1st and 2nd block during Spirit Week. It’s chaotic and hard to get through the halls when check in does happen. We have our teachers counting for the theme of the day, and students making sure they are getting counted. 

“I got used to the craziness of spirit week, and this year there were still some people participating, but not that many as were used to,” Weston said. 

This year may be different for all of us, but at least we can try to take our minds off the worry, and the questions of when the pandemic is going to slow.