Sleek Theatre Upgrade


Before March 2020 the movie theatre in town had been pretty average compared to any other building, and their old, faded look never really made a person impressed. However, over the months of quarantine, and then some, the Regal Cinema company had the chance to give the long-overdue upgrade that their theatres deserved. The Regal Cinema had quite a few tricks up their sleeve, and not only just upgrading the seats.

When arriving in the parking lot you would immediately notice a huge difference, the outside ticket booth is gone! Don’t worry though, because they were relocated and replaced with consoles on the inside. They have all of the movies available and they even added some special features to give a more personalized feel when selecting a movie, it also makes it a lot easier when you want to know the hottest films out right now! Something else has made it into the theatre as well, a separate snack stand. This isn’t any normal stand either, this one has frozen yogurt and smoothies, they offer many sweet options now.

Now, you may be wondering where the theatre arcade is because, once you enter, you’ll notice that it had completely disappeared, from the first floor at least. That’s right, the theatre now has an upstairs area for the general public, and it’s nothing small either. When entering the arcade from the stairs you can keep going forward and you’ll see a few I-Max rooms, that’s a huge improvement compared to the old theatre. After playing in the arcade for hours and spending all of your money, you may be too tired to actually walk back downstairs, but that’s okay! You can just use the slide! The slide may be a bit small, but it sure looks like fun, but right now it isn’t open because of COVID-19, but it looks so fun it’ll be worth the wait, and safer too.

This new theatre comes with a list of rules, however. Because of COVID-19, you are required to wear a mask at all times unless you are actively eating or drinking. The best thing about going to the theatre right now isn’t the new sleek design and the fascinating in snacks, but it is that barely anyone is at the movie theatre during the week, which means having a whole movie theatre to yourself.

You can laugh as loud as you want, or you could recite every line from a rerun of your favorite movie, no one would hush you and you won’t have to deal with anyone giving spoilers. Remember that the top priority is to be safe, so if you are not eating or drinking please remember to put your mask on, we all want to enjoy the new, fresh theatre.