Sweat and Sparkle

Suzanna Jay

Homecoming night. The football game was against the Carter hornets. Ten girls were on the Homecoming court. All the talk was on who everyone thought was going to win,both football and homecoming. As the football team was warming up the girls and the fans started to pile in.The game was off to a good start. Lenoir city and Carter were both putting up a fight. A few plays in the quarterback, Brett Cortez(9), threw a ball that was was amazingly caught by Dusty Clevenger(11).

It took 3 to 4 plays to get the touchdown, but finally Zane Ward(11) drove in into the end zone. Things were looking pretty good for the panthers until the next kickoff. The hornets caught the ball and had a huge run all the way to the 20 yard line. Then the next play they scored and then they scored again. By half time the score was 14 to 14. Tied ballgame!

Now it was time for the ladies. All ten girls, Chloe Alexander, McKay Carino, Sydney Cook, Gabriella Cortez, Sydnie Cziep, Brianna Fuller, Maddie Ruth Jenkins, Elyse Littleton, Emily Lowe, and Addison Stooksbury walked out onto the field with their escorts. Sydney Cook was announced the winner.

“Honestly I was so happy and shocked all at the same time. It was a night I will never forget.”, said Sydney Cook(12).

The rest of the game was not as promising as the first half. The panthers were trying their best at offence ,but they just wern’t scoring. The final score was 28-39 Carter and Sydney Cook for the win.