Surprising Talents Found During Quarantine!

Michel Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Whenever people hear quarantine everyone thinks it’s a bad thing or a punishment. However, many people have found many hidden cool talents during this time. Many people have been quarantined since they started school because they either had the virus or were in contact with someone who had the virus.


Being quarantined for two long weeks is a long time. Even though some students said they still had to do school work, chores, babysit and work, two weeks is still a lot of free time. The first few days it seems like they will never get tired of doing nothing but after a few days they start to get extremely bored and that is when students start to find hidden talents.


Some students expressed finding their quarantine talents surprising and some others ass odds. No matter what or how you found your talent, it is a talent and it is unique and interesting! 


Emma Clift, a student at Lenoir City High School found a hidden talent herself during quarantine.

¨During quarantine I learned how to whistle with my fingers which were a surprise to me because I couldn’t whistle before quarantine,¨ Clift said.


Rebecca Herrera says she was very surprised when she discovered her hidden talent.

¨Whenever I was quarantined my sister was too. I always saw her play the piano but it never interested me because it seemed too hard. After a week I asked her to show me the basics but then I started falling in love more and more and my sister told me I was learning fast before I knew it I knew to whole songs, ¨ Herrera said. 


Damarys Lopez secret talent found during quarantine however was the most surprising

“I have always liked turkeys and thought they were interesting.” Lopez said. “I  always thought it wouldn’t be possible for me to have one as a pet but as my parents saw how bored me and my siblings were with quarantine they finally agreed to get us one. Little did I know I was going to find a hidden talent. I was actually very good with turkeys. It was like I had one all my life. Now I seem to like pets more, especially my turkey, “ Lopez said.