She’s Just One of the Guys

Ell Chapman, Staff Writer

         This year as for the last five years Lenoir City High School continues its tradition of having a female kicker on the football team. This year her name is Suzanna Jay(11);  She has always wanted to be on the football team ever she knew Maddie Williams was on the team.  Maddie was also the one to approach Suzanna with the question of wanting to be apart of the Lenoir City High School football team. Being the only girl on the football team, it is not only crazy awesome but is also breaking the boundaries of the typical role being a male football player. Jay says that when people find out she is on the football team they are very caught off guard.

“They are usually surprised by it, especially me because I’m a shy person… it’s just unexpected.., not many people are gonna say oh I’m a girl playing football” 


Jay has a very supportive family. Her brother Caden Jay also plays football his number being 21 and hers being 12. Her dad absolutely loves her being on the football team 


”My dad LOVES it, he thinks its the coolest thing ever!”


           Jay is also very thankful for a team to be so welcoming and there for her. At the beginning of the season, she says,” at first it was kinda weird because I felt very off place”  But as things settled down the team didn’t treat her any different from the other male players, she’s just one of the guys. It used to be when someone says, “you play like a girl” to be an insult and mean that you are weak, Jay has shown that “playing like a girl” could very well be the greatest compliment one could receive.