POV: You’re a Freshman in 2020

SaraJane Weber, Staff Writer

I interviewed many freshmen about their experience for the start of their first high school year, and many of their responses included how difficult it is to wake up on online days and work.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “I find it very difficult to wake up and do my school work in the same place that I sleep. I’m not a super motivated person already, but I will admit that online work isn’t as hard as I expected.”

Lunch is something else very different for us, whether regarding the Covid-19 precautions or just lunch in general.

Lily Brannon, coming from North Middle said, “It’s very different especially now with the covid restrictions. For me it is not an enjoyable experience because I don’t really know anyone in there, and I’m so used to my whole grade having lunch at the same time. But ever since lunch went from 15 minutes to 30 I have gotten the chance to get some homework done.”

Many freshmen are partaking in sports and after school activities, and even though many played at their middle school, there are big differences.

Lauren Greene in Cross-Country said, “Since there is practice everyday, instead of every other day like it was at North Middle, I struggle to be able to enjoy the freshman experience like going to football games when I have to do my homework and go to practice.”

I asked a friend that chose to do online and asked about the main difference between what he thought doing online would be like versus what it is actually like.

Online student, Eli Park shared, “I wanted my expectations of doing online to be easy, and I wanted to have more time with my friends, but the first day showed what it would really be like. It was very stressful because I was getting used to it. I noticed that I wouldn’t be able to hang out with most of my friends because they were going to school. Once I finished the first week, I got used to the work, but it is still challenging.


While freshman year looks differently than it has in the past, the class of 2024 is trying to make the most out of their high school experience even with their limited options.